Murzog gro-Mundir

A retired Imperial recruiter


Murzog, is a gruff and generally dismissive fellow. He doesn’t give much thought to things that don’t concern him directly unless it either poses a challenge or ruffles his feathers (so to speak).

Born in the Imperial City, he’s been a loyal soldier and a veteran of countless campaigns. In fact, ever the restless type, he rarely stays in place long. He still works for the Imperial Army. Given that he was practically raised in the garrison, he feels a kinship to it. It is a part of him, and therefore anything that concerns the army concerns him.

He is one of the three victims of recent break-ins and burglaries, have had a sizable retirement fund stolen, as well as his prized arms and armor. He’s most upset about that.

Murzog gro-Mundir

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